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Meet the owner: Danitra

I was born in Germany and raised throughout Europe, Asia, and North America.  I consider my home to be New York, though I received my bachelor's degree in Forensic Psychology Florida with the intent to work in law. Then, moved to Seattle to get my Master's degree in Nutrition Psychology. Soon I discovered I wanted to work for myself and started to baking for friends and family in my spare time. My delicious baked goods attracted a lot of attention, leading to the decision in 2020 during the start of the pandemic, to go into the baking business full-time. I applied for my Cottage Food Permit and Business license and started developing my own recipes inspired by my mother and her mother's recipes. 

My Story

I grew up in a family where home-cooked meals happened daily, and Mom was always serving up fresh home baked goodies. She was the first one to teach me how to cream my butter and crack my eggs. I continued baking and cooking while starting my own career. I plan to continue serving King County and local communities with my baked goods. Head over to my Facebook page to see the next farmer's market or pop-up event my business will be vending.


Danitra Porter



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